The music that connects us

18th-19th February 2022

Explore and celebrate the cultural heritage that delights, enriches and connects us through a variety of uniquely different expressions.

The Remembering Bunting festival

The Remembering Bunting Festival is a celebration of the life and work of Ireland’s Edward Bunting. The festival features performances and presentations from across the traditional music world and aims to deepen our understanding of the interconnectedness of our traditional music and cultureIn so doing, the festival seeks to contribute to an inclusive, positive and peaceful future.


The Festival enjoyed its inaugural celebration in 2018. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength, delivering a comprehensive programme which features world class musicians, guest scholars, film makers, authors and both local and international guest speakers.

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international guests for 2021

featured artists for 2021 festival

From the fair island of Ireland, we host a festival this year, that is three continents strong.  Respected artists from Canada, Germany and South Africa join the party to celebrate the inherent way in which our cultural heritage unites us not just here and now, but also across time and space. Their collective knowledge, skills and talents form a formidable narrative of traditional music that is not only interesting and entertaining, but intrinsically motivating!

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2021 Festival Montage

The 2021 festival has already been celebrated, and for the firs time, took place entirely online. Watch the video for the highlights of the 2021 festival.

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Performances, workshops, guest speakers...

2021 Schedule highlights

Canadian Connections in Cobourg -

The Traditions and their Twists. Performance by Steafan Hannigan and Saskia Tomkins

From Germany to the World!

A Gift of Music and Dance from the Island of Ireland. Performance from David Johnston – Pipe Major


Playing selections from his own collection, The Rose in the Gap – Dance Music of Oriel, Gerry O’Connor welcomes us into his studio and shares insights from his life so rich in music

Trad Together - Celebrating our Shared Culture

The CEOL Band offers a taste of exciting music and incredible musicianship of young artists

Stirring It up Down Under:

Australia’s premiere trad band perform – Sasta

Cape Town Celts:

Session and Set in South Africa from Jenny and the Jameses

Inspired By History
"Stellar talent offer outstanding panel discussions, lectures, film screenings, workshops and performances that centre around the life and work of Edward Bunting."