CEOL Project

About the CEOL Project

The Community Engagement, Outreach and Liaison Project (CEOL) was initiated by Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann through its Regional Resource Centre, Dún Uladh in 2016. The CEOL Project values, supports and encourages cultural activities which act as a unifier amongst diverse communities across Ulster which enable all communities to feel comfortable accessing the traditional music of the island.

Leading up to the Remembering Bunting Festival, a group of musicians come together to learn, share, exchange and explore their musical heritages and traditions with one another through bespoke workshops and activities. Each year, under the mentorship of accomplished community music leaders from both main traditions, the group prepares and rehearses a repertoire to be performed as part of the festival.

CEOL has enabled Comhaltas in Ulster to develop links with similar organizations within the Scottish pipe band and marching band sector, such as our project colleagues the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association Northern Ireland and the Music Service for Pipes and Drums. This continues to facilitate exciting new relationships and musical collaborations that explore, showcase and celebrate our shared musical heritage.