About Remembering Bunting Festival

About the festival

In 2017, the Remembering Bunting Festival was conceived by Dún Uladh Cultural Heritage Centre, one of seven Comhaltas Regional Resource Centres across the island of Ireland. The mains aim of the festival were to increase awareness and understanding of the life and work of Edward Bunting, his importance to the music of the island and the role Belfast, namely the Belfast Harpers Gathering of 1792, played in preserving our rich musical legacy. 


Through panel discussions, lectures, film screenings, workshops, concerts and performances, the festival offers lessons and insights which aim to build a shared cultural heritage narrative for Ulster and which contribute to an inclusive, positive and peaceful future for the province. 


The festival is built upon an underlying ethos of inclusion. It values, supports and encourages cultural activities which act as a unifier amongst diverse communities. It continues to do this by building, growing and maintaining strong partnerships between the main musical traditions of the area.


The Festival enjoyed its inaugural celebration in 2018. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength, delivering a comprehensive programme which features world class musicians, guest scholars, film makers, authors and both local and international guest speakers.