Artist Bio

Stefan Hannigan

Stefan Hannigan

Steafan was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland – his family come from Tyrone and Cavan and Co, Antrim. He moved to Canada in 2007 with his wife Saskia and 3 children: Oisin, Eile and Ayisha.

He has had an interesting career as a musician, having worked with diverse artists such as Bjork, Depeche Mode, Loreena McKennitt and Afro Celts Sound System and the British folk Supergroup Band of Hope with Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick. In the 1990’s, he toured worldwide with his bands SinÉ, and Lammas.  He has also appeared on MTV, BBC and CBC. Along with his wife Saskia, he was hired to work on developing the hit theatre show “Come from Away”, and composed the music for a 24-episode animated series “The Legend of Ponnivalla“, which aired worldwide in 2015.

And yes, the rumours are true, he arranged music for and appeared on the hit T.V. series Friends – The One with Ross’s Wedding. He has also acted in the Canadian show Coppers and has been a session musician on Black HarbourRelic Hunter and Earth – Final Conflict.

He currently works in theatre and has held many interesting positions: Technical Director, Musical Director, Head of Props, Head Carpenter, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer, and actor. Previously he worked as a Technical Director for many companies including Jumblies Theatre, Education Arts Canada and Festival Players.

Steafan and Saskia have performed together for more than twenty years. Although they play many instruments and genres, together they are best known for Celtic music.