Friday 5th February

From Germany to the World! A Gift of Music and Dance from the Island of Ireland

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David Johnston – Pipe Major

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Veteran Pipe Major, David Johnston shares a cultural feast of the beloved musical traditions of the island of Ireland. Based in Dusseldorf, Germany for the last thirty years, David continues his passion of bringing Irish and Scots-Irish heritage to the world with the support and fervor of exceptionally skilled music leaders, most of whom are from both the North and South of Ireland, but also include music colleagues from other parts of the world as well!  David will share the story of his Enniskillen roots and how he found himself in high demand as a respected Scots-Irish music leader and mentor on mainland Europe. David’s tireless efforts to preserve and pass on the musical culture of his homeland to the highest of standards continue to be an increasingly valued and sought-after specialized commodity which have without doubt, grown into a prosperous career legacy. Here, he shares some rare footage and personal insights into the some of the more recent highlights of his phenomenal accomplishments on the grand scale, whilst offering an intimate glimpse of his own playing throughout the narrative.